Hi there! My name is Rachel and thank you for visiting! I have loved art and photography ever since I was a little girl. I adore children of all ages and have a surprising amount of patience.  I try my best to earn their trust and make them feel as comfortable as possible with me during a photo session. Photography has brought me so much joy over the years and I have made ever-lasting friendships with my clients.

Pictures remind us of those special moments that we happen to forget in our fast-paced lives.  They document how quickly your child grows and all of the precious changes they go through. We can pick up a picture and go back in time and the memories from that moment rush back to us.  They are so valuable and preserve our lives for our family, our children and our grandchildren. I enjoy creating life-long memories for my clients to cherish.


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“What to Wear” styling your session

Depending on the season, you want to wear clothing that fits the weather and the time of year.  Soft/pastel colors for Spring, warm colors for Summer and dark/earth-toned colors for Fall.  Coordinate each person’s outfit to pull from the other, but do not match exactly.  I recommend solid colors, simple patterns and no jeans. (Unless you are doing a country themed shoot)

Dress to impress!  Men/boys should have their hair cut before the session and ladies, pull out that cute dress you have been wanting to wear!  After all, these are your professional portraits that you will look at for years to come.

Paint the Moon has an excellent article for help on what to wear and how to coordinate your outfits for your next family session.


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