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Preparing for your Newborn Session

The best time to contact me about your newborn session is during your pregnancy.  I will pencil in your due date and touch base with you around that time.  Once your baby is born, please message or call me and we will schedule your session.  A deposit is required to book your session.  Newborns are best photographed between 4 to 10 days old and your session should be scheduled within this time frame.  However, you may book your newborn session up until 2 months of age.  Babies grow fast and the older the newborn, the more they wiggle and stay awake; which makes them harder to pose.

What to Bring to your Newborn Session:

  • Personal props and/or blankets for your baby that you would like to incorporate into your session
  • An extra shirt for family pictures in case your baby has an accident on your clothes
  • Extra bottles of milk (if you are breast-feeding and pumping, please bring 2-3 bottles…this way, I can help feed)
  • Extra diapers and wipes
  • A pacifier

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your session to allow time to feed your baby.  If you live close-by, feed your little one right before you leave your home.  Newborns fall fast asleep immediately after they are fed and this is the time for us to start posing!

The studio is kept very warm for the baby, so dress in layers.  The baby will love being warm, but as for us…we will be sweating 😉

Your baby is the boss.  If the baby is hungry, then we will to stop for him/her to be fed, however often that is.  Most babies eat more during a session than normal due to being moved around, posed and woken up so often.  There is a glider and ottoman in the studio for parents to feed their baby comfortably.

For family pictures, bring an extra shirt in case the baby has an accident on your clothes.  Your baby most likely will have an accident…or two 🙂 on the blankets/props, but don’t worry!  This always happens…I expect it and you don’t have to apologize.  All items are washed thoroughly after each session.

I have many different props to choose from, from headbands to hats, buckets to baskets…but many parents do like to bring their own props.  Please let me know if you would like to incorporate any items into your pictures. is a wonderful place to find personalized, one-of-a-kind items for your newborn!  Also, please let me know the colors or theme in your nursery.  I like to coordinate your session with these colors so the pictures will look great with your décor.

For your convenience, I have a changing table in the studio for parents to use.  Bring extra diapers because babies tend to use the bathroom more often when being posed.

I use a sound app on my phone to soothe the baby and keep them asleep.  Our goal is to keep the noise to a minimum to keep the baby asleep for poses.  We want to get as many cute poses as we can during our session!

“Siblings” – I love to include siblings in your newborn session.  However, we do want to focus on the baby and get plenty of beautiful pictures while he/she is sleeping.  I recommend bringing siblings at the beginning of the session and then a family member can take them home or outside to play…we would not want to distract or wake up the baby during the remainder of your session.

I look forward to working with you and your precious baby!   There is nothing sweeter than the miracle of a new life ♥

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